Mind-brain seeks space-place

Some things are difficult to transfer from brain to page because as compelling as they are in the first position, they turn out to be, when the hands are poised above the rows of letters, not there in the way you had thought they were. The space they occupy, in your brain—I have determined there will be no neurobabble here so let’s imagine bridges over hemispheres, across timelines, and through dense under-folding—is not at all the space your eyes see here before you on the screen. The words have a different quality altogether, there, on the illuminated rectangle above the multicoloured icons of faces, rockets, stamps, cameras, calendars, photobooths, and trash, to name a few. Beside menus to other meals. These words lose their way, lose power, steam, density. Lose you, lose me.
Space has its own meanings. Space inside and space outside don’t always overlap.
Remember how it works. The thing itself can’t be named. It has to be gathered, constructed, cared for.



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