Bridges missing

What do you think of when you think of technology for the aging brain?

I guess I was thinking of some kind of happy hat.

Or bridges. I’m big on bridges.

Did you know that ECT and MST and tDCS are the amazing innovative technologies unveiled tonight by MARS-CAMH?

I sat beside a woman who asked me which company I was representing. I’m a psychotherapist, I said. Oh. And you, I asked politely? I’m from MARS, she responded. Ah.

Meanwhile on both sides of the auditorium tweets were twittering on two large screens. I read each one when it popped up with breathless @#$$$$$iness. OMG here we are at the CAMH MARS innovations in technology for the aging brain etc etc. “Courageous” came up when a fairly ordinary human being, John Bentley Mays, talked about aging and depression. Did I miss something? I didn’t see him bare any body parts. Or offer to sleep on the street.

Okay, ECT, MST, tDCS. None of these was mentioned in any of the tweets. They were all, OMG big challenges lead to innovation!


(Just found this blog. Now THAT’s innovative treatment!):


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