Weekly Photo Challenge (window)

Weekly Photo Challenge (window)

What is a window?

We might just as well ask, what is winter?

One answer: we are Window! (I’m not going to even attempt to add the hash layer at the moment.)

Perspective. This bus–actually streetcar–shelter, though it offers a break from the wind, doesn’t pretend to offer a different space, a separation from the world; so are the transparent walls windows or just windbreak?

Advertising turns one of the transparent surfaces into an enclosure.

So then, is advertising (or propaganda, as this is advertising for state (Olympic) purposes) a window or a wall? I think it’s a window. I think that advertising provides a view out (or in) to the social world, and consequently (out and into) our psychology.

There is just enough dissonance in these images, the salt on the sidewalk, the signs of thaw, the bus-stop indicating the workaday world rather than the graceful power of the athletic bodies, to suggest the real challenges we face in our daily practice of integrating self with other—other the us, the we, the Winter (mon pays, ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver) or the collective window.

We are winter 1


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