That last post (#we are winter) came from an unhappy place. I lay awake after 3 am stewing in toxic juice. My faults and failures. The future as seen through a glass darkly. My children’s generation broken. 


The next day, between sessions, depleted, I looked up Alan Watts, curious after seeing the film “Her” about this man who I, with a deep post-sixties aversion to gurus, had assumed wrote bunkum worthy of the eager boys following. 

I dozed during the reading of The Book. 

When I awoke the curtains were luminous–not a transcendant luminosity for sure, but the glow lifted my spirits. The universe is a peopling universe, Watts wrote, in the way that an apple tree is an apple-ing tree. 

Let us apple and people. Let us come to fruition in the light of each other’s hope. 




3 thoughts on “Light

  1. Ok. So I listened to the entire 1:20 min recording!

    My favorites–

    “A still more cogent example of existence as relationship is the production of a rainbow. For a rainbow appears only when there is a certain triangular relationship between three components: the sun, moisture in the atmosphere, and an observer. If all three are present, and if the angular relationship between them is correct, then, and then only, will there be the phenomenon “rainbow.” Diaphanous as it may be, a rainbow is no subjective hallucination. It can be verified by any number of observers, though each will see it in a slightly different position.”
    Naturally makes me think of my psychoanalysis, as all relational psychotherapies.

    That that we could be in “full collaboration with the world as a harmonious system of contained conflicts, (wherein) the only real ‘I’ is the whole of the endless process.”

    As an aside: I very much enjoyed his use of the words “bamboozled” and “hoodwinked.” 😉

    Interestingly, I read something just now about how in his later years, his friends were concerned that Watts’ was far too often, how shall I say, in his cups. This seems quite a boring and unlikely outcome for a man who previously utilized LSD to achieve enlightenment.

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