Signs of spring

SIgns of springSIgns of spring 1
SIgns of spring 3
SIgns of spring 6
SIgns of spring 7
SIgns of spring 4
SIgns of spring 5
SIgns of spring 8
SIgns of spring 11
SIgns of spring 10
SIgns of spring 9
SIgns of spring 2


3 thoughts on “Signs of spring

  1. Well, I just caught a panoramic view of the entire SF Bay Area while driving and literally lost my breath at the beauty of this day. So so clear, thought I could reach out of my car window and touch the Golden Gate and the city skyline across the sparkling bay. Spring is arriving everywhere today. So yes, I should pull out the Windex and vases and make sure to flash my ass crack to passersby as I bend over on the sidewalk. Maybe I’ll start my display in my analysis session that’s coming up in a few minutes. Oh dear, the irreverence! It’s rubbing off!! (Once saw a cartoon depicting various ways to keep your therapist on her toes, and my favorite was the one where the client lies down UNDER the couch. I’m either doing that or the butt thing today. Updates later.)

  2. Oh!myg you’re too much, Sunflower. I love that you noticed that particular pic. I thought as I snapped–love, a moment of pleasure a lifetime of chagrin. Photography, a moment of chagrin, a lifetime of pleasure! Hyperbolic, for both, but still.
    Crazy to think that you’re experiencing this elation all the way down in the SF Bay! How c-r-ay-zie is that? My son and I met accidentally in the park today, both of us, as he put it, answering the call.

    Spring calls and we bend over!

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