Bruce Trail 50th Anniversary 50k hike: red carpet and recovery

Bruce Trail 50

Two hikers hit the finish line while pinwheels spin and bubbles soar! They teamed up along the way and encouraged each other to finish well.

Bruce Trail 50th Anniversary 50k hike: recovery

The hikers limp in and soak their tired feet. The 50k route led up and down the Beaver Valley section of the Ontario Bruce Trail, a rugged and difficult path with breathtaking lookouts. Volunteers were stationed at 5 separate check-points to cheer the hikers on. Together they raised in pledges almost 30 thousand dollars towards the acquisition of lands along the trail, to ensure its future.


Dame's Rocket

Every year is different. We were surprised today to come upon a vast expanse of dames rocket as we set out to visit a local stream. This year is also a good one for jewel weed–which is bad news for our bed of watercress. But that’s part of the fun of hiking and working with wildflowers. You just never know.

Pilgrimage to Hawk Hill

Hawk Hill cracksHawk Hill Lupins 3Hawk Hill Lupins 2Hawk Hill Lupins 1

High Park is Toronto’s Central Park or Stanley Park. My son sent me to Hawk Hill to check out the patches of wild lupins growing there. There’s a rare remaining tract of oak savannah just beyond the hill. It was fun to take the streetcar across town early in the morning and walk up the hill. The flowers were there, just as he’d said they would be. Afterwards I entered the rush-hour crush and got on with my day.

Will the circle be unbroken?

Will the circle 1Will the circle 2
Will the circle 3

Will the circle be unbroken
By and by Lord by and by
Is a better world a waiting
In the sky Lord in the sky?

I told the undertaker,
Undertaker please go slow,
For the body you are bearing,
Well I hate to see her go.

There are loved ones in the glory
Whose dear forms you often miss.
When you close your earthly story,
Will you join them in their bliss?

Will the circle be unbroken
By and by, by and by?
Is a better home awaiting
In the sky, Lord, in the sky?

In the joyous days of childhood
Oft they told of wondrous love
Pointed to the dying Saviour;
Now they dwell with Him above.
You remember songs of heaven
Which you sang with childish voice.
Do you love the hymns they taught you,
Or are songs of earth your choice?
You can picture happy gath’rings
Round the fireside long ago,
And you think of tearful partings
When they left you here below.
One by one their seats were emptied.
One by one they went away.
Now the family is parted.
Will it be complete one day?